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Green Dragon Mine ~ Namibian Demantoid

100% Natural no enhancement of any kind ever!
The Green Dragon Mine is located in Central Namibia's Namib Desert. It's a harsh environment but extraordinarily beautiful. It is here we produce the world's brightest demantoid garnet. Calibrated melee from our mine were the central component in the 2005 AGTA Spectrum Award winning entry created by goldsmith and designer Glen Engelbretch from Sarasota Springs, Florida. Green Dragon Mine demantoid was indirectly featured on the cover of Gems and Gemmology Spring 2005 in a piece entitled "Elements" by award winning jewelry artist Paula Crevoshay from Albuquerque New Mexico.

The Mine is licensed to African Consolidated Resources (Pty) Ltd. African Consolidated Resources (Pty) Ltd is a Namibian registered, joint Austrian/American owned private company. The mine operator is Johnston-Namibia c.c. of Omaruru Namibia. At this time African Consolidated Resources (Pty) Ltd. is the largest concession holder in the garnet area controlling some 100,000 hectares. Johnston-Namibia's principle shareholder is Chris Johnston, a University of Idaho College of Mines educated, Exploration Geologist with 26 years of gem mining and gem industry experience.


Presently we are cutting 5,000 to 7,500pc per month. All the production 3.5mm and up is sold to existing customers. We are in the process of expanding production at the mine and expect to be able to supply new customers in 2006.


We are currently cutting calibrated round brilliants from 1.0mm to 6.5mm and free sizes above 1ct. Our free sizes are standard shapes including: trillions, ovals, radiants, pears and cushions. All of our cutting is done under exclusive contract in Bangkok to the highest industry standards, we polish the girdles from 1.0mm up, our round brilliants are full cut 58 facets from 1.0mm up, and our stones are calibrated +/- 0.1mm from 1.00mm up. We have a large stockpile of preforms which will finish at -3mm these are available to interested wholesale customers as preforms or cut.

We do not deal with the consuming public.
We are a strictly wholesale to the trade mining/processing operation.
If you are not in the trade and are interested in buying a Green Dragon Mine Demantoid we urge you to contact your local jeweler.

The material itself has a color range from olive-green to blue-green. We try to cut eye clean goods and can provide, on request loop clean material but it is considerably more expensive. Stones above 1ct are rare above 5 carats exceptional. The material has a range of inclusions but does not have true horsetails. Unlike the Russian material some of which has been treated we do not nor will we ever treat our production to enhance clarity or color.


If you can provide proof of trade status and are either interested in material or have a question please feel free to contact us at: . We will entertain custom cutting inquiries. Bear with us, we are a mining operation not a marketing firm, it make take a few days to get an answer, there is no internet access at the mine!


In addition to demantoid the Green Dragon Mine also produces andradite. The andradite is generally brown or shades of brown from red-brown to green-brown. We are currently cutting andradite round brilliants from 1.5mm to 7mm. The material possesses extraordinary dispersion and brilliance. It has been used by the trade as an alternative to brown diamonds. It is modestly priced providing exceptional scintillation for the dollar. We will entertain custom cutting inquiries.

We do not nor will we ever sell rough.

We do not maintain stock of cut goods in Namibia.

We are not seeking representation.

We do not consign goods to dealers.

We offer no memos.

We will provide contact details for our agents in Thailand to legitimate inquiries. Should you be traveling to Bangkok we can arrange a meeting in our agents' office to inspect the material, some production maybe available on a case by case basis.

Currently we participate in just one trade show per year.

Please visit Johnston-Namibia c.c. ~ GJX~ Booth 122

If you attend Tucson please stop by the Johnston-Namibia c.c. booth. We will gladly spend as much time as you require to review our product and to determine our ability to service your needs. We have gained a great deal of experience in mounting the Green Dragon MINE demantoid in gold and can offer you insights.

Should you be traveling to Namibia we will happily provide you with a mine tour providing you have made advanced contact and arraignments.